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Our Process

We make our transaction process simple and easy to navigate for our clients. By us taking the time to understand your documents and closing needs at the beginning, you can depend on Signature Title Professionals to bring all aspects of your transaction together.

Receive Order 


Upon receiving a real estate contract or title request, we’ll initiate the Title Search and unrecorded lien search of the property. To get started, visit the CONTACT US page and submit a request.

Standard Process

Connect All Parties Involved


We pride ourselves on creating a 100% transparent and open line of communication between all parties. We maintain that line throughout the entire process.

Standard Process

Clear Title Conditions


We then clear any encumbrances on the title, such as Mortgages, HOA Liens, or Judgments and provide necessary title documentation for buyer financing. If the deal requires a short sale approval, we work directly with the bank to initiate the request and obtain approval. See the short sale process for more detail.

Standard Process



It’s time to transfer ownership! We’ll set coordinate and confirm the closing between all parties and arrange for a mobile or mail-away closing if necessary. We’ll ensure all closing documents are executed correctly and completly and all necessary funds have been received. The final step is to obtain funding authorization and disburse funds.

Standard Process



We’ll ensure all necessary documents are recorded in public record and will prepare and deliver the final Title Insurance Policy along with the orginal recorded documents.

Standard Process

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