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Short Process

Short Sales have grown into one of the more prominent segments of the Real Estate industry, but the process can be tedious and difficult for homeowners and real estate agents to navigate. We have learned the intricacies of obtaining a short sale approval and can take over the process of initiating the request and obtaining the approval. 

Our Short Sale Processing service includes but not limited to:

  • Ensure all necessary documentation and information are provided and ready to submit to the lender(s).

  • The completed package is submitted to the lender as per their requirements.

  • The package is tracked through consistent follow-up.

  • Additional requirements or requests made by the lender will be relayed promptly to the agent and the homeowner to ensure that approval can be obtained as quickly as possible.

  • Consistent communication from our short sale staff regarding the progress of your file.

  • Informing buyer's agent of file progress, maintaining the buyer's interest and minimizing file cancellation

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