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Issue No. 2
February 2023

Florida Real Estate News


Over a Half of Million People Want a Taste of the Sunshine State Permanently 

Over a half of a million (583k) people had gotten their first Florida's driver's license last year. If you have been a Florida resident for quite some time I know where your mind goes to immediately on who's at the core to this but no it's not the so called "snowbirds " from upstate, although they are a close second, the vast majority of the freshly sunshine staters didn't come from the US , they came from foreign countries. According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 115,465 of the new residents came from foreign countries but it was not specified from which exact countries. Not to our surprise taking the number one spot nationwide was the state of New York coming in at 61,205 prior residents, with New Jersey and California to follow. So where did the influx of new residents go? According to stated the top six counties were Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, Palm Beach, Orange, and Lee.

Meet the Owner Behind... Choco Loco Cookies

 This is Suzanne De La Flor, she is the owner and creative genius of Choco Loco Cookies. This buzzing cottage food cookie bakery began simply because this badass mom put in the hard work and dedication to make this business her own reality. Baking wasn't the dream for Suz in the beginning, although she always enjoyed it, she was more of a buy a premade roll and stick in the oven type of baker. In fact, just a few years ago she was working tirelessly as a Manager at T-Mobile and realized this schedule was not fit for a new mom and decided to find a work from home job. It was actually when she was pregnant with their second daughter that she began this new work from home position but even with that she found herself missing out on family time on the weekends because that's what the position required. The pandemic hits and Suz found herself baking more and more. This helped her realize for her passion of the art.

suz 1.jpeg

With the support of her husband Kenny, she got to work, did her research, and I mean extensive research. Everything from the type of pans, right oven temperatures, and of course the perfect recipe for her very first cookie the Choreo, which is a balanced mix of Oreo and chocolate chip cookies. Choco Loco Cookies has grown organically through word of mouth and making herself present at different Farmers markets., which by the way takes around 100 batches of cookies! She has she staple flavors like the Snickerdoodle and the "OG" Choreo but also does seasonal flavor like; Holly Jolly, Mountain Mint and Santa's Snack (which is a holiday Oreo, Holiday M&M's, semi sweet chocolate chips, sweet white chocolate chips, and sprinkles). She has the biggest support from her family and friends. She feels so lucky to be able to have her own business and be able to spend time with her family. You can order your own Choco Loco cookies for pick up through the link below and if you're in certain zip codes you can even get them delivered right to you. These 6oz cookies are HUGE so they have no issue individually bagging your order cut into quarters of halves, which is a great option for a work party or even an Open House!


5 Easy Ways
to Show Yourself Love

February is known for to be the month of love i.e Valentine's Day and with that our mind usually goes to showing love and admiration for our loved ones, mostly an easy thing to do but that's not what this section will focus on. It is easy to remember to love on our dearest friends, families, or partners that we often forget to love ourselves in the meantime. Loving yourself is a form of improving your mental health and we all know that can be challenging at times but with practice makes perfect, so no worries we are here to help with; 5 Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love.  

Screenshot 2023-01-24 162110.jpg

Interior Designer Tips with Paola

Small Business Spotlight

Kolombia Cafe: 25 W Crystal Lake Street, Suite 160, Orlando, Florida 32806
The Moderne:  1241 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803
Sampaguita: 1233 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803
Hourglass Brewing:
2500 Curry Ford Road, Ste 4, Orlando, Florida 32806


Fun Upcoming Events to Check Out

1. Let Go of Your Past Self-
  While it is important to acknowledge who you were and it is great to self reflect on how much you've grown, it is also important to let go of the person who you no longer are. With all the hard work and dedication you have done to better yourself, you cannot blossom if you are holding on to the past version of you that you didn't like. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to move forward.
2. Accept Imperfections-
 In addition to number 1, you also have to accept your imperfections. No one is perfect not even your idolized role model. If we were meant to be perfect we would've been made that way. Accepting that you make mistakes and that it's perfectly ok to do so. Always strive to grow and better yourself but don't dwell that you aren't the perfect mold of a person that society makes us feel that we have to be. 
3. Do Small Things That Make You Happy Everyday-
  Doing the smallest things that make you happy can make all of the difference. Go for a walk after work to catch that beautiful sunset, buy yourself some fresh flowers, make yourself your favorite breakfast. These simple tasks can help boost your mood and show yourself that you can make yourself happy too.
4. Declutter Your Space-
 Whether it's figuratively or literally clearing up your space can clear and unclutter your mind. Cleaning your room can make you feel like life is a little less chaotic, giving you space to feel a sense of calmness. Also, being mindful of your social media, what you watch or focus your energy on can help a lot. Maybe by clearing your feed into more positive content you will start to feel more positive.
5. Speak Kindly to Yourself-
 We all know the power of a word whether it be positive or negative, words make impact. Speaking positivity about yourself will lead it to be your truth. Sometimes it's hard to speak nice to yourself when you aren't feeling the best but just a small act of saying nice things to yourself can change your whole mindset and make your perspective shift to a happier one. 
  Obviously, there are so many other things you can do to show yourself love and whether you use these options or find some of your own all that matters is that you are practicing and showing yourself the love that you deserve.

Feb 4th- Out of The Darkness Community Walk @Baldwin Park 7:30 am

Feb 22nd-  Washington Street Night Market @ The Falcon

Wednesdays thru Sundays until Feb 22nd*-Beauty & The Beast Cocktail Experience @ The Oliv Bar

*On going Saturdays*- Orlando Scavenger Hunt: Lake Eola's Art Scene & Scenery @ Orlando City Hall

Let’s talk about what’s trending this year!

Neutrals will still have a strong presence in interior design this year, but we will be seeing colors we don’t normally consider neutrals such as muted blues and greens, washed terracotta, tans and deep dark colors.




We expect the use of natural materials like raw woods, stone, and greenery to gain popularity this year. Unique art and sentimental accessories will also join the stage, it’s all about combining vintage pieces that are one of a kind with the usual home finds.




Textures! Think about layering different kinds of materials, colors, and patterns. A great way to incorporate this trend is going for a bold wallpaper in your space.











Having said all that remember that your space should reflect your own unique style and you shouldn’t design a space solely based on what’s trending at the moment. After all, we all want our houses to feel like home.


Written By
Paola Villasmil

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