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Florida Real Estate News

Are More Millennials Buying Homes?

  So yes and no. While the numbers show that more than half of the Millennial generation (51.1%) have hit the societal milestone of home ownership it is still far less than the amount of the previous, Gen X generation did at the same age. The percentage of  Millennial homeowner's does vary from location to location. In Orlando, about 45% of Millennials own homes. Unfortunately, with the home prices rising this generation (Millennials) is facing being priced out of ever owning a home. It was surveyed that 25 % of Millennials will be renters forever and about almost 66% don't have money set aside for a downpayment.

So You Want to Be a Plant Parent?:
A Beginners Guide to House Plants

  Let's face it plants are the new pets and pets are the new kids. A lot of people are turning to nature to freshen up their home spaces but lets be honest taking care of plants can be confusing in the beginning. Have no fear I've compiled a list of "easy" plants to take care of and tips on how to take care of them.
  According to the following list are the top 10 easiest house plants to take care of;  ZZ plant also know as aroid plant, Jade plant, Cast-Iron plant, Aloe Vera plant, Snake plant, Oregano, Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Crown of Thorns, and Watermelon Peperomia. Although these are the easiest plants to start your plant parenthood please be weary a lot of indoor plants are toxic to animals. One of the reasons why these would be considered "easy" is because they need little to medium amounts of water.
  Now that you know which starter plant to choose from lets talk about some tips to keep your green babies alive and well. Watering your plants is probably a universal thing we all know a plants need but keep your watering to an as need basis. Don't water your plants on a schedule for your sake but feel the soil and see which plants need some refreshening and which can wait another day or two.
  Repot your overgrown plants. How do you know if it's overgrown? One way to check for overgrowth is to look at the roots. If the roots are circling in the pot that is a good indicator that you need to repot your plant into a slightly larger pot. If you want to keep the plant in the same pot then you can cut off some of the root and put it in fresh soil to create a new plant.
  Dust your plants! Make sure your dusting your plants to ensure that they are able to absorb light easier. Depending on what kind of leaves you can use a small brush like a clean paint brush or a rag to dust off your plants.
  Removing dead flowers or leaves from the plant to keep the rest of your plant healthy. You can remove dead leaves and flowers by using a clean pair of scissors. You want to make sure you are getting a clean cut that way you don't harm the root system.
   Now that you have some knowledge on what plants are great to begin with and some key tips on how to take care of them you should go and free your plant curiosity and go by yourself a plant or two, I'm not judging! Remember if all fails at least you won't go to jail if a plant dies so that's a plus.




Interior Designer Tips 

More Color!

In 2023, the interior design trend will be all about color. The palette will include warm earthy tones, moody dark hues, and vibrant bursts of color. The popularity of gray is on the decline, as it has been overused over the past decade. Instead, expect to see bold and daring color combinations throughout homes and commercial spaces. This trend will give homeowners and designers the chance to experiment with color, creating inspiring and vibrant spaces that reflect their personality and style


The hottest kitchen trend for 2023 is black, whether in a high gloss or soft and velvety finish, with bold bursts of color also becoming popular. Southern Hospitality blogger Rhoda showcases this trend well. For those who love color, it can be incorporated in a balanced and tasteful way. Stay tuned for a future post on color trends in 2023.


Small Business Spotlight

Miscellaneous Market: 

1903 N Orange Ave

Orlando, FL 32804

Ivanhoe, Health Village, North Orange    

Naked Bar Soap: 

Orlando, FL 32804

College Park, Horizons West / West Orlando

Fun Upcoming Events to Check Out

Sunset Walk-  3251 Margaritaville Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL 34747
Bok Towers Garden- Free summer days, August 24-25  Lake Concord 
Seaworld Craft Beer-  On select weekends from August 5th through September 5th
Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween-

August: 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29

Moody colors are set to make a comeback this year, but caution should be taken when using them in places like kitchens as they may appear dated after a few years. The trend is leaning towards big accents or bursts of color, allowing for more flexibility in updating or changing the overall look and feel of the space. It is advisable to use moody colors sparingly and only if you truly love them for the long term.

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